Best Samsung FRP Tool – Remove FRP Lock from Samsung Devices

Did you face the FRP lock issue on your Samsung devices? then we are here to share with you top Best Samsung FRP Tool that helps to Bypass FRP lock from your Samsung devices easily, on below we provide you top best FRP tools to bypass FRP lock from all the Samsung devices in 2019, Nowadays FRP lock problem is the big problem in all 5.1 and the upper version of Android devices, after the hard reset of any Androi device through Samsung Recovery Mode then Android will ask you to verify the Google Account, if anyone forget the old pre-sync Google account ID or purchased a second-hand device from someone, then you have to know way to Bypass Google Account lock,  and that is the main reason, so check below to download Samsung FRP Tool-free which can help to FRP bypass Gooogle Account Verification lock very easily.

What is FRP (Factory Reset Protection)?

Android has introduced a new features to protect users personal data, and they called its FRP, FRP means (Factory Reset Protection), it was first introduced in Android 5.0 (Lolipop) OS, if anyone trying to access your phone without knowing you or trying to hard reset the device using Android Recovery Mode then the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) will work and ask the owner to verify their Google credentials to access device home screen again. and this is how FRP is worked on Android devices, If you forget the old pre-sync google account name and password then you have to bypass the FRP lock. we can check our FRP bypass guides.

When FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is activated?

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) will automatically be enabled when the user added a Gmail account on their devices first time, once the FRP lock is activated then its prevents any user to use the device after the hard reset through recovery mode, if you are the owner or know the device owners pre logged in Gmail ID and Password then you can verify your device by connecting wifi network or data connection, or if you forget the old google credentials then you have to log in your device remotely or you need to remove the pre-sync old logged in Gmail ID. So that’s why we recommended you to before you factory reset your device first disable the FRP protection and then hard reset the device.

Add Google Account on Samsung

First of all, go to settings menu=>> Accounts=>> Add an Account =>> Google

Enter your Google Account Information there.


How To Disable FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

If you want to disable this feature then you need to delete the Gmail Account from device Settings. follow the below process completely to disable the Factory Reset Protection successfully.

How to Remove (Delete) Google Account on Samsung

First of all, go to settings menu=>> Accounts=>> Add an Account =>> Google

Now choose the Google (Gmail) Account

Then Find the remove icon from the top right corner.

First of all, you can easily download all the Samsung FRP tool, but if you are here to Unlock FRP lock then we recommended you put your device model number into the search box we hope you will get the right solution to FRP Bypass from your device, ok so let’s start.

Part 1: Top 1 Samsung FRP Tool

The first tool we share here for you is FRP Hijacker Tool, This is the best free FRP tool for Samsung Galaxy devices, It not only does Bypass Google Account verification but it also helps to fix soft brick problem, if your device showing “connect your device to Samsung Kies” then this tool also helps to fix the problem too.

If you went to test it out, then check below we have a detailed guide, Follow the simple steps, to installing FRP hijacker tool and using this tool.

  • First of all, download the FRP hijacker on your PC.
  • Then extract the tool on your pc by using the Winrar program.
  • After that, open the extracted folder and run the “FRP Hijack.exe” from there.
  • Now the program will launch, then choose your Samsung device model there from the drag-down menu.
  • To continue the process then you need to put your device into Download Mode.

Note: To enter your device into Download Mode first power off your device, then press and  hold the “Volume Down + Home + Power” key,

until you see a Warning screen on your device then press the volume up key once to confirm Download Mode.

  • You need to connect your device to PC using a USB cable.
  • Then go back to the Samsung FRP Tool, click on”Scan” button and then tap on that,
  • Then you will see your device “Com Port” version there. (See below image)
  • After that, select the “Remove FRP” option and then click on the “Hijack IT” option there.
  • Once finished then your device will automatically reboot,
  • Once reboot checks your device FRP will remove.

This is the easiest way to bypass FRP lock from your Samsung devices,

Download FRP Hijacker Tool

Part 2: Other Some Samsung FRP Tool

Ok you are looking for some other alternatives, don’t warry here we share a few more alternatives Samsung FRP tool solutions, some of them are not as best as FRP Hijacker tool but below we share 8 more best alternatives tools for you.

#1-GSM FRP Tool

This tool is completely free to use, it can bypass the FRP lock verification screen. Ultimately GSM FRP Tool is not too difficult to using and it doesn’t require much effort. few features of this tool are below:

  • Works with all the latest and old Samsung devices. for flashing and removing FRP lock
  • It’s completely free to use and the tool and doesn’t pay anything at all.
  • Supports old versions of the Samsung devices.

Anyone can use this tool, if you are a beginner and don’t have so much knowledge then you can also use this tool, still not sure about it? ok, let’s check on below we have listed some other tools also.

Download GSM Flasher Tool


#2-D&G FRP Bypass Tool

Ok Now next tool on our list is the D&G FRP Bypass tool, it’s a multi-tool and working on Samsung devices as well and also working on some other devices, it does not only help you to bypass Google Account verification its also working for read the device info find the remove user data and unlock frp from various way.  it’s a straight forward Samsung FRP Tool that’s mean no difficulty feeling when a new user trying to use this tool. Some of the best key features are listed below.

  • This tool works on the following devices: Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Europhia, YU, Micromax, Nube-GT smart and Xiaomi devices.
  • To use this tool you need a working PC.
  • Compatible with any versions of Windows OS (XP, Win 8, 7, 10,).

Because this tool is free, you can download this tool and try this tool for free, At the most, you will waste a few minutes trying to work with this.

Download  D&G FRP Bypass Tool

#3- Samsung Super Tool Pro

Another free Samsung FRP Tool you can use it to remove FRP lock from Samsung mobiles and tablets, One of the best free multi-tool for all Samsung Android device in 2019,  This tool supports on all the windows os like Win XP, Win 8, Win  8.1, Win 10, Win 7, Win 7 Ultimate. once you downloading the tool, then follow this instruction that we are given below to installing this tool on your computer. with this tool you can repair or fix many more Samsung software related problems and supports almost every single Samsung mobiles, some of the best feature we are listed on below.


  • Great for saving time cause it will remove FRP lock in a few seconds.
  • This tool is completely free.
  • You can fix Samsung  IMEI Null problem, Reset Userdata, Remove Samsung Account lock, Fix Wifi run, Fix DRK and many more problems.

To install Just double-tap on the setup to open the setup and then click on agree and continue then tap on next-> next-> finish. once the installation process is done, then open the tool and connect your mobile with a USB cable and then unlock FRP lock without any Google email and password.

Download Samsung Super Tool Pro

Samsung Super Tool Pro also allows you to flash the firmware on any Samsung device. You can unlock FRP problem free using the FRP removal tool. but make sure this tool is little bit difficult to use.


#4-Gadgets Doctor APK

Well this is a Android FRP APK tool work on Samsung also on other Android devices, gadgets doctor apk is the best google frp bypass Application, which helps to fix FRP lock from various Android devices,  we tested this tool on more than 300+ devices including some Samsung devices as well as other devices like Micromax, HTC, Oppo, Vivo, Mi A2, A1, A3, Infinix, Hisense, Itel, Symphony, and many more, Gadgets Doctor APK is the another best Samsung FRP tool it mainly works on Android  Nougat 7-7.1-7.1.2 and Oreo 8-8.1, we do not test this tool on Android Oreo devices so we can’t say anything right now. some of the best features are listed on below.

  • This tool is free to use on any android devices.
  • Easy to use tool.
  • Doesn’t come with any price tag and its completly free to use tool.

Download Gadgets Doctor apk


we personally testing and it’s working great so that’s why we are sharing this tool to you.

#5- FRP Bypass APK

One of the best and latest Samsung FRP Tool and it is the new FRP Bypass APK application for Android, It is working on Any Samsung Galaxy series devices, it’s so easy to use it will take a few minutes to unlock the verification  screen, just download this tool on your FRP enabled devices and unlock FRP lock from your device by follow our proceudure. Samsung A10e FRP Bypass using FRP Bypass Apk

  • FRP Bypass apk is free to use the application to unlock FRP lock from every Samsung device.
  • Include a share feature which makes it easy to use and show your family and friends to the app.
  • Simple easy to use and works in seconds.

Download FRP Bypass APK

#6-Quick Shortcut Maker APK

Quick shortcut maker apk another one of the best application for Samsung frp lock devices. This tool is the most users recommended tool in 2018-19,  This Samsung FRP tool has been including one of the best FRP tools for Samsung Android 6-5-7.1 versions, there was very little probability that this tool might not be working on your devices if your device Android versions are lolipop, marsmallow and nougat. Below we share some features about this tool.

  • This Application works on every Android device.
  • Simple easy to use and works in less than 1 min.
  • Works on every Samsung device along with Motorola, Huawei, HTC, Hisense, Symphony and more.

Download Quick Shortcut Maker


#7- Samsung FRP Bypass Service

If you are feeling complicated to find the right FRP tool and don’t know how to unlock google account verification then there we have a small solution for you, with this method you don’t have to find any Samsung FRP Tool or don’t have to follow any complicated solutions, you can unlock your device FRP lock remotely by using IMEI number of your device.

Yes you can pay us and we will working to bypassing your device FRP lock using your device IMEI number, If you need such a service then you can order us from the below link, once you will visit our shopping page then  then you can order us from there and don’t forget to put your original IMEI number and your device model number, make sure you have to put the right IMEI number without any spaces, then we will do everything remotely. visit our shpping page for more information,

  • Once you will order, within 24hrs we will clear your order.
  • No need to hasite for find frp bypassing methods or new frp tools or waste your precious time.
  • We provide this service to bypass frp lock on any Android devices.

#8-ADB FRP Bypass Tool

The last Samsung FRP tool we recommended you is ADB FRP Bypass Tool, This tool is based on Windows CMD (Command prompt), before you use this tool you need to enable the ADB on your Samsung devices then this tool will help you, once you enable ADB then connect your device to pc and run the tool then press remove frp to unlock FRP lock from your device.

GSM Flasher ADB FRP Tool

Main problem with this tool is the tool UI it is now a little bit outdated compared to other latest FRP tools, but this tool still now working on too many Samsung Android devices as well as other Android devices also, we hope you will able to get success in bypassing FRP lock with this tool too. ADB FRP Bypass tool is free for all windows OS. here some features of this tool on below.

Download ADB FRP Bypass Tool

  • Remove FRP lock by one Click.
  • Just power on your device and connect your device that’s it,
  • lightweight easy to use tool.


On this post we share with you top best working Samsung FRP tool, Hope we will clear your problem to choose the right frp tools, ok if you are looking for how to bypass google account verification lock from Samsung devices, then you can check out our Samsung FRP bypass page looking or search your device model, or if you are tired to find the latest way and feeling complicated all the frp bypassing process and tools then you can pay us to using our paid frp services to unlock your device FRP lock.

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