Vivo ADB Format Tool | Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool Download

Vivo ADB Format Tool is a small desktop tool that allows users to unlock Pattern and FRP lock from any Vivo Android devices. So if you are a user of any Vivo android phones and your device stuck on Google account lock screen or forget the Pattern lock then its very important to know how you can remove the pattern lock or FRP lock from your device. Here I going to demonstrate to you a detailed discussion about Vivo ADB Tool and How you can install and use this Vivo Pattern Remove Tool aka Vivo FRP Unlock Tool for free.

This tool also allows you to remove Pattern/ Password/ Pin and FRP lock from all your Vivo Phones. So if you are looking for an all in one multi-tool then you are at the right place to download Vivo ADB Format Tool for free. The procedure to FRP removes, and the pattern lock protection is the same and just you need to follow this guide step by step to successfully unlock them. So, let’s get straight into the article;

If you find a way to remove pattern/Pin lock/ Password lock by any simple process then the device will ask to enter the existing pre-syne Gmail credentials to bypass the frp lock.

It almost not possible to unlock pattern lock from Vivo smartphones by factory reset unless you are a user of any custom based recovery. To reset your phone, I am here to introduce with you a simple Vivo adb format tool to factory reset and frp bypass from any Vivo smartphone. The best thing about this Vivoadbformattool is that it is working on all the latest Vivo MTK and Qualcomm devices easily.

What is Vivo FRP?

The FRP (Factory Reset Protection) has been added to the modern phones that are available on the latest Android system (Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Pie 9.0, Android 10 Q ). FRP is the abbreviation of (Factory Reset Protection) FRP (Factory Reset Protection) will automatically be enabled when the user added a Gmail account on their devices first time. Once FRP lock is activated then it prevents any user to use the device after the hard reset through recovery mode, So that’s why we always recommended you to before performing a factory reset. first, disable the FRP protection and then hard reset the device.

Vivo ADB Format Tool features:

  • Support All Vivo Phones: The Vivo ADB Format Tool supports all the Vivo smartphones and tablets.

Vivo V5, Vivo V5s, Vivo V5Plus, Vivo V7, Vivo V7+, Vivo V9, Vivo V9 Youth, Vivo V9 Pro, Vivo V11, Vivo V11 Pro, Vivo V15, Vivo V15 Pro, Vivo V17, Vivo X21, Vivo Y11, Vivo Y12, Vivo Y15, Vivo Y17, Vivo Y21, Vivo Y21l, Vivo Y22, Vivo Y28, Vivo Y51l, Vivo Y53, Vivo Y55, Vivo Y55s, Vivo Y66, Vivo Y69, Vivo Y71, Vivo Y81, Vivo Y81i, Vivo Y83, Vivo Y83 Pro, Vivo Y90, Vivo Y91, Vivo Y93, Vivo Y95, Vivo Z10, Vivo Nex, Vivo Z5, Vivo Z1 Pro, Vivo S1, Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo Z5x,  and other Vivo devices.

  • FRP Remove Vivo Phones: You can also use this tool to remove FRP lock from all Vivo phones by resetting the partition data.
  • Pattern Unlock Vivo Phones: This tool helps you to unlock any screen lock from any Vivo Qualcomm and MTK powered Android devices.
  • Simple UI: Vivo FRP tool comes with a simple UI (User Interface), So that’s why anyone can use this tool easily.
  • All CPU Supported: It supported all Qualcomm and MTK Vivo Android models.

Download Vivo ADB Format Tool | All Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool

Before you start to follow how-to download Vivo ADB Format Tool | All Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool and use it on your PC, first you need to know some basics things about Vivo ADB Format Tool and how can you use it.

Vivo ADB Format toolDownload
Vivo ADB USB DriverDownload
MTK USB DriverDownload
Qualcomm USB DriverDownload
Vivo Flash ToolHere
CompatibilityAll Windows: Vista/ Win 7/ XP/ Win 8/ Win 10(32bit /64bit)

How To Install Vivo ADB Format Tool

Here is the step by step installation guide to install the Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool on your Windows PC and Laptop.

  • First of all, download and install the Vivo Qualcomm USB Driver and MTK USB Driver on your PC.
  • Then download the Vivo ADB Format Tool.

Vivo ADB Format Tool | All Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool Download

  • Extract the file using WinRAR or 7zip.

Vivo ADB Format Tool | All Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool Download

  • Open the extracted folder and find and run the setup.exe file.

  • Then simply follow the on-screen commands: Next => Next-> Agree => Finish to install the Vivo FRP Bypass tool.

Vivo ADB Format Tool | All Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool Download

  • Just follow the on-screen commands to install the Vivo Bypass tool on your PC.
  • Run the Vivo FRP Bypass tool (ADB Format Tool).
  • On the home screen of your device, you need to just click on the Remove FRP Lock button while keeping your device connected to your PC.
  • That’s it.

How to Use the Vivo ADB Format Tool

Once you have installed the Tool on your Windows PC/Laptop, then follow the below guide on how to use the Vivo ADB Format Tool and bypass the FRP Lock as well as the password protection on your device:

  • Power OFF your Vivo smartphone.
  • Now, press and hold the Power + Volume Up button until fastboot mode appears on your device.

  • Now there you will see two different options – Recovery and Reboot.
  • Select the Recovery option by Using the volume keys and then confirm to press the Power key.

  • Then, click on the Advanced and select the “Reboot with ADB”.
  • Wait for Power on your device.
  • Once power on your device then connects your device to PC via USB cable. (you can see COMPort version under the Device Manager section on your PC).
  • Open the Vivo ADB Format Tool on your PC.

Vivo ADB Format Tool | All Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool Download

  • Enter the same port version number which is displayed in the Device Manager => Ports section of your PC.

  • Finally, hit on the “BTN2”  to factory reset all on Vivo smartphones.

  • Once you get the “Finish” message popup, then disconnect and power on your device,
  •  Then check FRP and pattern lock has been successfully removed by using Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool .
  • Note that your device will boot up and format the data automatically.
  • That’s it!

Final Words:

In this post, we share the best working method to Download Vivo ADB Format Tool | All Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool Download. I hope we clear all your problems regarding the frp lock protection.

I think all you found the article of use. If you are still stuck between some steps or could not understand anything relating to this topic, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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