1 thought on “Motorola Moto E6 Play FRP Bypass | Unlock Google Account (Android 10)- Without PC”

  1. Thank you for your help in unlocking my moto e6s thanks to your tips, that’s why I will give something from myself xD in return, namely in my case I got to the point where in the upper right corner there should be a magnifying glass icon to search for chrome, unfortunately, it was not for me, so the first My thought was that the guide was unsuccessful, but I decided to try on my hand in this way, I discovered that if I get to the point with the sharing icon, just select the message later in the sender, enter any number that we add as a new contact and finally choose the option to edit this contact from the menu in the upper right corner, select add contact to the desktop, when the icon appears, hold it and the unlocked desktop appears, so drag our icon onto it, let it go and press the chrome icon at the same time. regards


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