UnlockTool Latest Version Download [All Setup] | Android FRP, Factory Reset Tool (2022)

UnlockTool is a small windows program specially designed to Remove FRP, Factory Reset, and Unlock Pattern Password Pin lock from any type of Android phone in a few seconds. It takes a little amount of money to activate and use it on your computer, If you want a simple, cost-effective way to unlock any Android phone, then download UnlockTool V2022.11.30.0 latest version setup & follow these instructions to activate it on your PC.

You can use the Unlock Tool to Remove Screen Lock, Pattern/Password/Pin, and FRP Unlock, from Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Poco, Redmi, MI, Asus Zenfone, Vsmart, Lenovo, Nokia, ZTE, Mobistar, FPT, Asanzo, Tecno, Invens, LG, Samsung, ITEL with Android 5 to Android 12 powered phones quite easily.

Nowadays, every single Android phones comes with FRP protections, The summarization of factory reset protection is FRP and it basically protects Android users’ personal data and Privacy during thefts.

If you Reset your phone without removing the old Google Account, then you have to logged in with the same Google ID and password that you set up earlier on the device to bypass Google account verification lock on your phone. You can’t be able to use the phone without the gmail verification.

The procedure of using UnlockTool. Net is quite easy, all you have to do is, run the UnlockTool, then put your device in ADB/Download/Meta/EDL mode and connect to the computer, and click on Reset FRP/Unlock, That’s it.

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Download UnlockTool Latest Version Setup Free [All]

Download UnlockTool.net 2022.11.30.0 Latest Setup Version from the below link. It is exclusively available only for the Windows platform.

File Name: UnlockTool_2022.11.30.0.rar
File Size: 60MB
Compatible OS: Windows XP (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 10, Windows 11 (32bit & 64bit)
Credit: Unlocktool.net Team
Password: Bypassfrpfiles.com
Telegram: Join Here

All Version DetailsDownload Link
Unlock Tool Setup 2022.11.30.0Download
Unlock_Setup 2022.11.24.0Download
Unlock_Setup 2022.11.16.0Download
UnlockTool DriverDownload
UnlockTool 2022.09.04.0Download
UnlockTool 2022.08.10.1Download
Unlock_Tool 2022.06.29.0Download
Unlock_Tool 2022.06.27.0Download
Unlock Tool 2022.06.11.0Download
Unlock_Tool 2022-05-27-2Download
Unlock_Tool 2022.05.19.0Download
Unlock_Tool 2022.04.28.0Download
UnlockTool_v2022.02.07.0: Download
UnlockTool_v2022.01.19.0: Download
Unlock tool_signed-2021-07-15-5 Download
Unlock Tool 2021.12.22.0:Download


UnlockTool_2022.11.24.0 Released Update Auto.

- Improved bypass frp mtp for all brands open browser.
- Fix bug read account id, phone number, email....ramdisk
- Add read ios version through diagnostics
- File Ramdisk New 2022-11-17

UnlockTool_2022.11.16.0 Released Update Auto.

Big Update APPLE
- Iphone 6G/6P Supported File Ramdisk ios 12.x for windows
- Added PWNDFU tab Apple Ramdisk >> New
- Added File Gaster ramdisk ios 15.x.x 5SE-6S-6SP-7G-7P
- Now is supported iPhone and iPad boot ramdisk ios 16.0.x 16.1.x
- iPhone 8G
- iPhone 8 Plus
- iPad Gen5 wifi + Cellular
- iPad Gen5 wifi + Cellular
- iPad Gen6 wifi + Cellular
- iPad Gen7 wifi + Cellular
- iPad Pro 9.7 wifi + Cellular
- iPad Pro 10.5 wifi + Cellular
- iPad Pro 12.9 1st wifi + Cellular
- iPad Pro 12.9 2nd wifi + Cellular
- File Ramdisk New 2022-11-17
Oppo | Realme Support Qualcomm 855/855 Plus

- Factory reset | erase frp (Beta Test)
- Realme X3 [RMX2081 | RMX2083]
- Realme X2 Pro [RMX1931]
- Realme X3 SuperZoom [RMX2086]
- Oppo Reno Ace [PCLM1 | PCLT10]
- Oppo Reno 5G [CPH1921]
- Oppo Reno 10X Zoom [PCCM00 | PCCT00 | CPH1919]

How to use Unlock Tool.Net V2022.11.30.0

  • Download unlocktool.Net V2022.11.30.0 latest setup version to your computer.
  • Run the tool as administrator.
  • Click on Register or Login
  • It will lead you to the official website: https://unlocktool.net
  • Register your account there.
  • Now type your registered EMAIL ID & PASSWORD in the tool
  • Click Login
  • Now you can use the tool on your computer.
  • MI Unlock Options:
    • MI Flash:
      • Firmware info
      • Bypass Anti-RB
      • Auto Reboot
      • Protect EFS
      • Erase EFS
      • Reset MI Cloud
      • Erase FRP
      • Full Flash
    • Mi Security:
      • Mi Cloud:
        • Server Mi Cloud check
        • ADB Bypass MI Cloud
        • [ADB] Remove MI Cloud (Root)
        • Disable OTA update [ADB]
        • [ADB] Install Firewall
        • MTP
        • MTP install Driver
        • [MTP] Active Browser
      • Recovery:
      • Fastboot
      • Diag
      • EDL
  • Samsung Unlock Options:
    • Odin Flash:
    • Security:
      • Odin Mode:
      • Functions:
        • [COM+ADB] Read Info
        • [COM] Factory Reset
        • Enter Download [COM]
        • [MTP] Install Driver
        • [MTP] FRP Bypass
        • [ADB] Remove Passcode
        • [ADB] Remove FRP
  • Nokia Unlock Options:
    • Fastboot:
      • [FB] Read Info
    • MTP:
      • [MTP] Install Driver
      • [MTP] Active Browser
      • Active Google Maps [MTP]
    • MTK-Nokia 3
      • [BROM] Erase FRP
      • [BROM] Factory Reset
UnlockTool huawei
  • Huawei Unlock Options:
    • Upgrade Flash:
    • Security:
      • Test Point:
        • [EDL] Bypass FRP
        • [EDL] Factory Reset
        • [USB 1.0] Write Unlock Fastboot
        • [USB 1.0] Erase Huawei ID
        • [USB 1.0] Erase FRP
        • [BROM] Factory Reset
        • [BROM] Erase FRP
      • Functions:
        • [COM+ADB+FB] Advance Read info
        • [ADB] Remove Huawei ID
        • [FB] Change OEM info
        • [FB] Erase Huawei ID
        • Erase FRP [FB]
        • [FB] Dump Partitions
        • MTP install Driver
        • [MTP] Active Browser
UnlockTool Oppo Unlock
  • Oppo Unlock Options:
    • Meta Mode:
      • Boot Meta
      • Read Info
      • Read partition
      • [Meta] Factory Reset [1] [Generic]
      • [Meta] Factory Reset [2] [Generic]
      • Factory Reset [2] [UFS] [Meta]
      • [Meta] Factory Reset [2] [Android 11]
      • NVROM Backup
      • NVROM Restore
    • Functions
    • Testpoint
UnlockTool latest version setup Vivo Unlock
  • Vivo Unlock Functions:
    1. Meta:
      • Boot [Boot Meta]
      • Read pattern [Android 5.1]
      • Safe Format [Keep Data]
      • Factory Reset [1] [Generic]
    2. Functions:
    3. Testpoint
UnlockTool latest setup version Vsmart Unlock
  • Vsmart Unlock Options:
    • Remove FRP [ADB] Vinid
    • Boot Meta [MTK]
    • Factory Reset [MTK]
    • [EDL] Factory Reset [QCOM]
    • [EDL] Erase FRP [QCOM]
    • Erase Vinid [QCOM] [EDL]
    • [EDL] Unlock Bootloader
UnlockTool MTK Unlock latest setup version
  • Mediatek Unlock Options:
    • Meta:
      • Boot Meta
      • [Meta]Factory Reset [1]
      • [Meta] Factory Reset [2]
    • Functions:
      • Format Data
      • Read GPT
      • Auth bypass
      • Erase FRP
      • Safe Format
      • Reset MI Cloud
      • Unlock BL
      • Reboot
      • Flash
      • Erase Vin ID
  • Blackview Unlock Options
  • Android Unlock Options
  • Qualcomm Unlock Options
UnlockTool latest setup for Qualcomm Unlock Options
  • LG Unlock Options
    • ADB
      • [COM] Factory Reset
      • [COM] ENABLE ADB
      • Disable Lockscreen [COM]
    • MTP
      • [MTP] Install Driver
      • [MTP] Active Browser
      • Active Google Maps [MTP]
    • Model Operation:
      • [EDL] Erase FRP
  • That’s it.

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