All Techno MTK Secure Boot Download Agent (DA) File Download to FRP/Flash/Unlock with SP Tool

Techno MTK Secure Boot Download Agent (DA) File help to detect all Tecno MTK phone in any third-party mobile flashing/Unlocking tool including SP Tool, NCK Box, Miracle Box, CM2 Dongle, UMT MTK quite easily. In the following topics, I collected to share All Techno MTK DA Files with pre-requirements and steps to erase FRP and Flash Firmware on your Tecno phone quite easily.

You can use Tecno MTK DA Files to Remove FRP Lock, Flash Firmware Files, Unlock Pattern/Password/Pin lock, Reset Screen Lock, Upgrade Firmware version quite easily. The procedure is quite simple, all you have to do is download the same model DA file to your computer then run SP Flash tool click on choose from the DA tab and select the DA file, Now select the firmware in the SP tool and click on Download, that’s it.

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Download All Techno MTK Secure Boot Download Agent (DA) File

Model Link
Techno AB THUG PHANTOM 9Download
Techno AX7 Phantom 8Download
Tecno BA2 POP 2 PlusDownload
Tecno BB2 POP 3Download
Tecno B1 POP 2Download
Tecno B1f POP 2FDownload
Tecno B1P POP 2 PowerDownload
Tecno B2 POP 2 ProDownload
Tecno HUNTDownload
Tecno HUNT Camon CMDownload
Tecno CA7 Camon XDownload (Mirror)
Tecno CA7Download
Tecno CA 8S Camon X ProDownload
Tecno CCrich Camon 12 AirDownload
Tecno CC7 Camon 12Download
Tecno CC7 Camon 12 ProDownload
Tecno CD7 Camon 15Download
Tecno CD7 Camon 15 ProDownload
Tecno CX Air Camon CX AirDownload
Techno F1Download
Techno F2Download
Tecno F2 LTEDownload
Tecno F2 LTE AuthDownload
Techno F3 POP1Download
Tecno F4 Pro POP1s ProDownload
Tecno ID5A Camon I2Download
Tecno ID5B Camon I2XDownload
Tecno IN1 Camon I ACEDownload
Tecno IN1 Pro Camon I Sky2Download
Tecno IN2 Camon I SKYDownload
Tecno IN5 Camon IDownload (Auth)
Techno I3Download (Auth)
Tecno I3 ProDownload
Techno i5Download
Tecno I5 ProDownload (Auth)
Techno IwelcomeDownload
Tecno KA6 Spark YouthDownload
Techno KAe Spark 2Download
Techno KAego Spark 2Download
Techno KB Strike Spark 3Download
Techno KBwardJ Spark 3Download
Tecno KB7J Spark 3 AuthDownload
Tecno KB8 Spark 3 ProDownload
Tecno KC1j Spark 4 WaterDownload
Tecno KC3 Camon 12 AirDownload
Tecno KC6 Spark 4 WaterDownload
Techno KC7 Spark 4Download
Techno KDustedh Spark 5Download
Tecno K9 Spark ProDownload
Tecno LA Limited Power 1Download
Tecno LA 7 Pouvoir 2 / LA 7 ProDownload
Tecno LB Mobility 2 AirDownload
Tecno LB7 Power 3Download
Tecno LB7 Power 3 PlusDownload
Tecno LCock / LC Simona Power 3 AirDownload
Tecno NX R 😯Download
Techno RA6SDownload
Techno R 8SDownload
Techno SA1Download
Tecno SA1 Pro / SA1S ProDownload
Techno SA6SDownload
Tecno W5Download

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How to use Tecno DA File to Unlock FRP with SP Flash Tool

  • Download & extract FRP Unlock file or Flash File to your computer.
  • Open the Flash tool folder
  • Run SP Flash tool.exe
Select DA File in Tecno Mobile (Tecno Download Agent DA)
  • Click on Choose from Download-Agent file Tab and select the MTK_AllinOne_DA.bin file from the Techno mobile DA folder.
  • Tap Open
Select Scatter File in Tecno Mobile (Tecno Download Agent DA)
  • Click on Choose from Scatter-Loading File Tab and select the scatter.txt file from the Firmware or FRP folder.
  • Tap Open
  • Now Untick the Preloader Partition
  • Goto Format => Select Manual Format Flash
  • Copy and Paste the FRP Address into the SP flash tool
  • Find the FRP Address from firmware_scatter.txt folder
  • It will look like the below address
FRP Address 
BEGIN ADDRESS: 0x16188000
Select Scatter File in Tecno Mobile (Tecno Download Agent DA)
  • Click START
  • Now Power off your phone
  • Connect your device to computer via USB cable
  • FRP unlocking process will begin
  • It will take some time to finish
Wait for finished to Bypass FRP Google Account Xiaomi Redmi 6, 6a, Note 8 Pro
  • Once finished, disconnect and Power On your Tecno phone.
  • Setup all initial steps.
  • That’s it.

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How to use Tecno DA File with NCK MTK Box Setup

  1. Run the NCK dongle setup or NCK Loader to your computer.
  2. Goto Service Tab
  3. Select FRP/Pattern-Privacy-Reset
  4. Tick on custom loader and select the downloaded DA file
  5. Then tap on Reset FRP

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