Miracle Power Tool V3.1 – New Free Ultimate Unlocking Tool By AMiracle Team

Miracle Power Tool is a free ultimate unlocking tool that supports MTK, Qualcomm, UNiSOC (SPD), powered, and Samsung Android phones and helps users to FRP Bypass, Flash firmware, Factory reset, Pattern Pin password unlock, Format Emmc, UFS, etc, and more. Also, it is able to Unlock, Relock the Bootloader and Unlock mi cloud, for free. If you want to experience premium mobile repair software then download Miracle Power Tool V3.1 Latest version and follow our instructions to fix the phone.

You can use the Miracle Power Tool V3.1 free on any Qualcomm, SPD, MediaTek (MTK), and Samsung Android phone that runs on Android Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Pie 9.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, 10 Q, Android 11, Android 12, and most importantly Android 13 version. Also, it is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (32bit & 64 bit) architecture OS version.

Miracle Power Tool V3.0 - New Free Ultimate Unlocking Tool By AMiracle Team

The procedure of using the Miracle Power Tool is quite simple, just run the FRP Tool, and connect your device in MTP/Flash/EDL/Download and USB Mode, Now Select the desired option you want to use, now it will detect and unlock your phone. But, at first, You have to install a proper USB driver on your PC.

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Download Miracle Power Tool V3.1 Latest Setup Version

Download Miracle Power Tool V3 latest version to your PC and follow our easy steps to use it on your PC. It supports many latest Android brands including Oppo, Vivo, Wiko, Tecno, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu, Motorola, and other MTK, SPD & Qualcomm powered phones.

File Name: Miracletool.zip
File Size: 140MB
Compatible OS: Windows 8 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 10, Windows 11 (32bit & 64bit)
Credit: AMiracle Human team
Password: Bypassfrpfiles.com

Miracle Power Tool Latest V3.1Download | Mirror
Miracle_Power_V3.0Download | Mirror
Miracle_Power_V2.8Download | Mirror
Miracle Power DriverDownload
Miracle_Power_V2.2Download || Mirror
Miracle_Power_V2.0Download || Mirror
All SetupMiracle Box latest Setup
Every one Needs Power
Miracle Power Tool 3.0 Latest Update Setup

[+] Redmi Note 10 5G
[+] Redmi Note 11 4G (Selene)
[+] Redmi Note 11 Pro (viva)
[+] Pop 6 Pro BE8
[+] Pop 7 Pro BF7
[+] Pouvoir 2 Pro (LA7)
[+] Spark 10 Pro KI7
[+] Spark 2 (KA7)
[+] Spark 3 (KB7)
[+] Spark 3 (KB7J)
[+] Spark 4 (KC8)
[+] Spark 4 Lite
[+] Spark 5 (KD7H)
[+] Spark 5 Air (KD6)
[+] Spark 5 Pro (KD7)
[+] Spark 6 (KE7)
[+] Spark 6 Go (KE5J)
[+] Spark 6 Go (KE5K)
[+] Spark 7 PRO KF8
[+] Spark 8T KG6P
[+] Spark 9T KH6
[+] Spark Go (KC1)
[+] Spark Go 2020 KE5
[+] Spark Go 2023 BF7N


[+] Add Tecno 2023 Security in Preloader 
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6739)
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6761)
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6763)
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6765)
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6768)
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6781)
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6785)
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6833)
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6877)
-- Tecno 2023 (MT6893)

[+] Supported Function in Preloader

-- Enter BROM
-- Reset FRP
-- Format

[+] Add GPT Generation Function
[+] Can Flash Full Erased Phone without problem
[+] Add EMMC/UFS config select option for New Scatter File type
[+] This function important if flash full erased phone
[+] Improve Preloader Dumping
[+] Improve EMI CFG Parsing
[+] Fixed Issue of loading wrong EMI CFG from erased phone preloader
[+] Improve FRP + Factory function
[+] Improve Read Firmware
[+] Fixed Wrong pgpt size reading in scatter
[+] Fix Out of memory error on read firmware


[+] Update Format FS (Secure) function
[+] Update Reset FRP (Secure) function
[+] Improve Smart Reest function


[+] Update Samusng FRP 2023 function
[+] Now work OK on Samsung Latest Security


[+] Improve Open Disk function
[+] Fix Access Violation Error on Open Disk
[+] Improve Safe Format function
[+] Improve Reset FRP function


[+] Add Xiaomi DM-Verity Fix in Fastboot 
[+] Reboot to Recovery from Fastboot
[+] Reboot to Normal from Fastboot


[+] Fix host file issue on some computer

How to install Miracle Power Tool

  • Download & extract the Miracle Tool setup to your Computer.
Install Miracle Power Tool V1.0.2 - New Free Ultimate Unlocking Tool By AMiracle Team
  • Now Run Setup Miracle_Power_Setup.exe as Administrator.
  • Wait for a few Sec to open the tool.
  • Now install the tool
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to completely install the tool on your PC
Tap Next to Miracle Power Tool V1.0.2 - New Free Ultimate Unlocking Tool By AMiracle Team
  • Click Next =>> Select the Installation Directory => Tick on Create a desktop & Start menu icon
Launch Miracle Power Tool V1.0.2 - New Free Ultimate Unlocking Tool By AMiracle Team
  • Tap Next =>> Tick on Launch the tool =>> Tap Finish
  • Now install LibUSB win32 driver & Qualcomm, SPD, MediaTek USB Driver to your PC.

How to Use Miracle Power Tool V3.1

  • Run the Miracle Power Tool V3.1 as Administrator
  • Now you will get the below listed option
  • Qualcomm
Qualcomm Section in Miracle Power Tool V1.0.2 - New Free Ultimate Unlocking Tool By AMiracle Team
  • Flash
    • Add Program || Add Patch
    • Remove FRP Lock
    • Info || Backup || Write
  • Service
    • Format Userdata
    • Reset FRP
    • Safe Format
    • Disable MI Cloud
      • Xiaomi Boot Unlock
        • Boot Patch
          • Execute
  • Security
    • QCN Tool
      • Multi SIM
      • Send SPC
      • Read || Write
      • Convert QCN to ENG QCN
    • Security Tool EDL
      • Read Security [EDL]
        • Execute
  • MediaTek
MTK Section in Miracle Power Tool V1.0.2 - New Free Ultimate Unlocking Tool By AMiracle Team
  • Meta Utils
    • Read Info
    • Factory Reset
    • Format EMMC
    • UFS Format
  • BROM Utils
    • Read info
    • Format
    • Format (Safe)
    • FRP Reset
    • BL. Relock
    • BL. Unlock
    • Perm. Unlock
SPD Section in Miracle Power Tool V1.0.2 - New Free Ultimate Unlocking Tool By AMiracle Team
  • SPD (UniSOC)
    • Service
      • Enter Diag New
      • Enter Diag Old
      • Read Info
      • Factory Reset
  • Samsung
    • Tools
      • Select Model Number
      • On the Mobile, Tap on Emergency Call
      • Dial 8#0*#
      • The Test Mode will appears, Connect your phone to the PC
      • Click on Reset FRP
  • Now Power Off your Android Phone
  • Put it into the EDL, VCOM, Preloader, Flash, Meta, Test mode
  • Connect your phone to the PC
  • Choose the function you want to use on the Miracle Power tool
  • That’s it.

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